Corrective Hair Transplantation

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Alopecia, Hair loss, may cause serious concerns and, sometimes, devastating feelings in men, women and children alike: - lower self confidence, feeling less attractive and desirable in physical, personal and the social interaction with possible partners.

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Over 70% of men with baldness consider hair to be an important feature of one’s image, 62% acknowledged that their hair loss caused them a decrease in self esteem and confidence.

21% reported feelings of depression due to alopecia. Sadly, baldness often becomes the subject of derision, unthinkable with other conditions! A hair transplant can only be performed by harvesting DHT resistant hair from the back of the own scalp, and then transplanting it into the balding areas.


"...I wanted to say that the job you did is phenomenal. I really can't imagine it ever coming out better than it did. Please just accept my sincere thanks for a job well done!" D.S.